Friday, March 8, 2013

"Punkin Seed Blows THE Horn"

“Punkin Seed Blows THE Horn”

By Nita Wilson

Punkin Seed was in real trouble.  In a split second bad decision, he picked up Gabriel’s horn and tried to blow it while the big angel was fluffing a cloud for a nap.  Punkin Seed was only able to get two toots out of the big gold instrument, but all of Heaven went into immediate action for the end of the world.  Guardian Angels were rushing to earth, souls were lining up at the big gates to welcome friends and family, children washed hands and faces to be clean and fresh when parents and grandparents arrived, and Michael and his legions were forming barricades to protect the returning souls from the last minute attacks of Lucifer to keep them out.  Gabriel quickly sounded a retreat and Heaven began to calm down and go back to normal.  With shaking of heads and rubbing of chins, there were murmurs of “How did this happen?” and “Who could have done it?” Angels went back to their daily lives and wondered if the end was really near, or was it just a prank.  Punkin Seed was nowhere to be found.

God rose from his deck of monitors and walked out of the great hall, calmly looking for Punkin Seed.  Lil Bit was hovering over God’s head making small talk trying to calm the great one and give Punkin Seed time to hide, but she knew God knew where he was and would find him sooner than soon.

Punkin Seed was hiding under a large cabbage in the Queen’s garden, but his halo was making the cabbage glow like a neon sign guiding anyone looking for him straight to his little curled up self.

Lil Bit followed God to earth, riding the terrible black cloud that hung around his great head, spitting out small tornados and lightning rods like peanut shells falling on the bleachers at a baseball game.  He hovered over the Queen’s garden.  Humans for miles around ducked into cottages and backed into corners.  Some had heard the great toot of the horn, and wondered about their futures, others were frightened of the big black cloud rumbling and creating mean looking twisters.

“Are you angry, Father?  I believe you are frightening earth.”  God stopped and turned to her.

“When I come to earth it is a big deal, Lil Bit.  I do not make simple entrances or exits.  It is why I do not come often and I am not happy to be here now.”

He continued into the Queen’s garden and picked up Punkin Seed by the back of his little robe and plopped him on his shoulder.  Lil Bit sat on the other big soft shoulder with an arm around and behind his neck holding Punkin Seed’s hand. Punkin Seed still thought he was hiding and kept his head in one hand; finally peeking out to see the world getting smaller and God’s mighty cloud moving Heavenward; he looked over at Lil Bit and she saw he was terrified.  He put his hand over his eyes, buried his head in God’s satin robe and squeezed her hand for comfort.

“You may come out Punkin Seed.”  Punkin Seed opened the fingers of one hand and saw he was sitting in God’s lap in front of the big monitors.  He was always amazed at the chaotic happenings on the big screens; only Father could keep it organized and make sense out of all the craziness.  So many people doing so many different things, some good, some bad and some horrible, but some were praying and that made the Heavenly Father happy and able to deal better with the others.

“Explain to me, Punkin Seed why you felt the need to steal Gabriel’s horn while he was not looking and why in Heaven’s name would you attempt to blow it?  You saw what happened with just the little bit of sound you made.”  He sat looking down his beard at this little terrified angel.

“I think Lucifer made me do it, Father.”  Punkin Seed was sorry for the lie the moment it left his lips.  God laughed; a great booming wonderful laugh that reverberated around Heaven and made flowers bloom on earth.

“Lying about the devil isn’t doing your case any good.  Maybe you should just be honest and tell me… the gold of the horn was shining and tempting?  or the not knowing if you could make it sound made you too curious?  Or perhaps, you wanted to impress your friends?”  He waited for an answer.  Punkin Seed gathered all his courage and said.

“I think it was all of those things, Father, and I am truly sorry.  I will not complain of any punishment you desire to give me.”  God got very serious and began his long lecture of ‘What if’s’ that could have happened had the end of the world gotten out of control’.  Of all the calamities, children being lost from their parents touched Punkin Seed the most and his tears began to wet God’s robes.  God figured the little angel had heard enough and put him down on the grass next to him.

God being an all seeing ruler knew it was only a matter of time before one of the baby angels tried the big horn.  He couldn’t blame Punkin Seed too harshly; after all, it is Gabriel’s responsibility to see that this sort of thing never happens.  Punkin Seed was allowed to go to his favorite spot and think on what he had almost caused, but before he went, God touched his finger to Punkin Seed’s chest and filled it with love.  God never wanted one of his souls or angels to think he didn’t love them no matter what they may have caused.

God sat back and thought Gabriel in to see him.

Lil Bit followed Punkin Seed to the creek bank under the big Oak tree.  He loved to sit and talk to the fish and frogs when they came close.  One big fresh water trout in particular loved to tell him stories of how he followed Noah’s Ark, but Punkin Seed was leery since the Ark was in salt water.  However the old trout was such a good story teller, no one called him on it; besides, the fresh water fish had to be saved also, maybe God made them able to swim in the ocean for the time being.  But today Punkin Seed was in no mood to talk to anyone or anything.  Lil Bit sat close to him and didn’t say a word.  Sometimes it’s best for friends just to be near and not speak.  They sat all day and around supper time, Punkin Seed turned to Lil Bit.

“You want to see if the Robin’s eggs have hatched yet?”

“Sure.”  The two best friends flew through the woods to the Robin’s tree.  Life is good once you’ve been forgiven for doing something bad.  Everyone, even little angels can make mistakes, but it’s knowing you will never do it again that is the gift.

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