Monday, March 18, 2013

Lil Bit Saves Charlotte #10

                                Lil Bit Saves Charlotte
                                      By Nita Wilson
Lil Bit and some friends were watching the sunset over Lake Michigan when they saw a fire start in a barn in Chicago.  Before they knew it, it had spread all over the city.   Thousands of guardian angels suddenly fluttered and flew around the chaos saving their humans and helping the fire brigade trying to extinguish the huge blaze.  First one building, then another caught the flames until every where Lil Bit looked there was fire.  She and her friends split up and began to look for something to do to help, but there were so many guardian angels in their way, Lil Bit was pretty much forced to step aside and let them do their jobs.  She flew in and out of buildings looking for people in trouble, but again, every where she went; the big beautiful angels were doing their jobs.  Some were saving humans to live for another day and some were escorting their human’s home to Heaven.  She thought she heard her name being called, but the sound of people screaming and calling for help interrupted her; she stopped until she heard it again.  It was Moon Beam.
 “Lil Bit, the Lord has been calling you, didn’t you hear him?  He wants you home quick.”  Lil Bit flew to Jesus.  He was sitting on the big grassy knoll looking over his favorite grove of Pomegranate trees and eating one of the beautiful red orbs as she landed, winded and nervous on his shoulder.
“Yes, sir?  Did you want me?”  She was still worried about the people on earth and if he asked her to help she’d be ready, but surely he knew she was already down there trying.
“Look down there.  Do you see the little girl in the wheel chair outside her father’s burning apartment dwelling?”  She looked where he was pointing and sure enough, his vision had created a portal of light directly to the little girl crying and trying to get everyone’s attention.  She was reaching for people running in and out of the building as they tried to save what they could.  No one would stop or pay attention to her and Lil Bit could see she was becoming hysterical.
“Judith, quiet, we are trying to get people out of the building.  Please be still until I know everyone is safely out.”  The papa said to his little girl.
Jesus took Lil Bit in the palm of his hand and brought her down to him.
“I believe she needs some help.  You might go see what is upsetting her so.”  Jesus smiled and gently blew her into the breeze that came from the open portal to earth.  Within the wink of a birds eye Lil Bit was hovering over the little girl trying to get her attention.  Now it is well known children can see angels when no one else can, and sure enough as the little girl looked up, her eyes met Lil Bit and she began to cry again.
“Please get Charlotte.  Charlotte is still in my room.  She will be burned alive, please help her.”  Lil Bit winked at the little girl and disappeared into the burning falling building and went straight to the little girl’s apartment and into her room, but there was no one there.  There was no animal, or bird or even a fish.  She was flying around the room desperately searching for a living creature when she flew under the bed and saw a doll languishing in its sad state among the cinders and dust bunnies burning and rolling around the floor.
“Are you Charlotte?”  She asked the rag tagged little doll with one eye missing and half her hair gone from years of loving and being loved.
“Yes.”  Managed the little doll with a whisper.  Lil Bit grabbed the doll and started for the door.
“There are more.” Charlotte whispered to Lil Bit.  Lil Bit looked around the burning room; sure enough there was a fluffy flannel horse with his eyes fixed on Lil Bit and a monkey made from socks with his arms outstretched to the saving angel.  Lil Bit grabbed the toys and looked for more.  Under the rocker was a book of verse opened to a story of a little angel and in the corner of the room alone and frightened was a cracked piggy bank with big sad eyes.  She grabbed all and looked to Charlotte who nodded her head.
 “Yes, we are all she has.”   Lil Bit got to the little girl as she was being taken away from the chaos by her father.  She gently put the little girl’s treasures in her lap and kissed her on the cheek. 
“Make sure you say your prayers, Judith.  Heaven watches over you and you should give thanks every night.”  Lil Bit hovered as Judith smiled and promised her she would always.
“Oh Charlotte, I was so worried about you.  Piggy, don’t be frightened, you’re safe now.”  The little girl gathered all her worldly possessions in her arms and held them close.
Her father looked over the big straw back of the second hand wheel chair and wondered how his little girl was able to save her toys.  He knew he would never be able to replace them if they were burned, he barely had money enough to feed him and his little girl; toys would not be a priority, but he needn’t worry, Judith had saved them all by herself.
“Papa, did you see the angel?  She saved all my friends.”  Judith said to her father.
“Of course she did, my pet.  Now you relax, and try to rest, this has been a terrible night.  We’re going to the church for shelter and thank God sparing us.”
And that’s just what they did, but Judith knew an angel saved her friends and one day when she was older she would tell her papa and he would believe her.  
Lil Bit went back to Jesus and reported her findings.
“Yes, Judith has been through enough, losing her friends would be too much of a hardship at this time.  You’re a good child, Lil Bit.”  He kissed her on her cheek and opened his hands for her to fly away until she was needed again.
Lil Bit decided she had to find a way to get Judith a real friend.  Friends are too important in a being’s life; no one should go without at least one.

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