Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Jesus Story for children, Lil Bit and #324,566,899

                                Lil Bit in the Delivery Room

By Nita Wilson

Lil Bit’s in the big nursery hanging out with all the babies waiting to go to earth. Some are excited, some are complacent, as this is not their first time and some are actually afraid.  One little bundle of joy is sitting in the corner sucking honey off her thumb and watching the others with big brown eyes.  Lil Bit walked over with the honey jar and let her dip her little brown thumb in for more good golden sweetness.

“Why aren’t you with the others?”  Lil Bit looked deep in the baby’s heart and saw fear.  “Why are you afraid, little one?”  Lil Bit asked and put the baby in her lap; rocking her back and forth.

“I am to go to earth and come right back.  It has been ordered by God that I won’t stay this time.  I will come back and go again another time to the same parents.  I don’t want to see my new mom cry, but I will have to.”

“But why can’t you stay?”  There was still so much Lil Bit didn’t understand about humans and the lessons God needed them to learn.

“I don’t know.  Maybe if I knew I wouldn’t be so afraid.”  Lil Bit put the baby on a blanket next to a happy baby.  “Don’t go away, I’ll be right back.”

Lil Bit flew to Jesus and asked if she could have a word.

“Of course, Lil Bit.  What may I do for you?”  Lil Bit told him about the baby and how frightened she was about going to earth and making her mom sad.

“Why can’t she stay, Jesus?”  She looked up at Jesus genuinely concerned about this situation.

“There are many reasons for this, Lil Bit. Sometime it is the young soul who needs to learn about being born, but isn’t ready to live on earth as yet.  Sometimes a mother or father has to know how to lose a child and grieve so when the child returns, the home is much more appreciative of the wee one.   Our father has many reasons not even I  know my little Bit.  Does that answer it for you?”

“I guess.  How can we know which reason this time?”  She flew around his head, lighting one moment on a shoulder, another moment at his feet.  Jesus could tell she was upset; she’d never flitted around him like this before.

“You know Lil Bit, why don’t you ask our father if you may go with her.  She may like the company and it shouldn’t be a problem.”  She was off like a firefly to see the great father.

“Yes, Lil Bit, you may enter.”  He was sitting smiling with his monitors around his great desk.  “You know Easter is coming and I wanted to ask you and Punkin Seed to host the annual egg hunt.”

“Of course we will Father.  But I have a request.  I would like to go with baby #324,566, 899 to earth.  She is afraid and I could be with her and keep her from being scared.  She is worried her mom will be too sad.”

God thought for a moment and ran his fingers through his soft white beard.  He got up and walked around the room, shuffled papers on his desk and opened a small waterfall in the air to water a lovely fern in a big urn.  He ran a giant hand through his hair, looked at Lil Bit, paced back and forth and finally sat back down.

“There are conditions if you go Lil Bit.”  She flew onto his lap and sat on his knee.

“Lil Bit, you were created as a messenger and to help humans at all costs.  Your whole life is dedicated to saving souls and comforting humans who are not ready to come home.  I’m not sure you could be in the delivery room and not try to save #324,566,899.  She will be in trouble but fixable trouble.  If and only ‘IF’ I say you may go, you cannot interfere.  There will be great sadness in the room; maybe more than you’ve ever seen before.”

“It sounds more and more like #324,566,899 needs me, Abba Father.  I can do it for her.  She’s awful scared Father.”

There was a great breathy sigh from God as he kissed the cheek of the little angel and said.  “I will be with you also, my child.  I am trusting you not to change fate, Lil Bit.  There are reasons for these things.”

“Why can ‘t you tell me, Father?”

God thought another minute, sighed again and said.  “Lil Bit, everyone in that room, every family member on both sides and especially the parents are learning lessons from her birth and death.  This little being and her lesson is important to every person touched; it is like a fine tapestry, designed and executed for the good of all concerned, even #324,566,899 is learning a lesson.  You must trust me.  One day you will be old enough to understand.”  He put his great head in his hands and waved her on.

“I may go with you.  If you like.”  Lil Bit said to the baby back in the nursery.

“Will it hurt, in a human way, Lil Bit?”  Lil Bit stopped; she hadn’t thought to ask that question.  “Hold on.”  She flew back to the great hall and gently peeked in the big door.

“Come in Lil Bit.”  God said not looking up from his monitors.

“Will it hurt?”  She asked gently of her Heavenly Father.

“Only the fear and you will be there to assure her she is coming back home.”  She nodded and pulled the big doors closed.
“Lil Bit.” He called.  “You are only there to ease her fears.  Right?”  She nodded her halo and flew away.

She and baby 324,566,899 were in a strange fog going down, down, down, a strange tunnel like a rabbit hole from the children’s story, but at the end of the tight tunnel was a great light and a woman screaming.  A man was standing next to the woman’s head holding her hand.  People were moving and shouting and baby 324,566,899 lay on a bloody sheet, not moving, not breathing and Lil Bit could see an obstruction way down the baby’s throat.  She reached to move it aside and God’s voice came down into her head. 

“Lil Bit, you may not do this. Pull your wings over the child and comfort her.  She may ride with you back home, if you like.”  The voice was suddenly silent and Lil Bit looked around at all the humans, working to save a little baby who was not to be saved.  The sadness was overwhelming.  Father was right, she thought, I am not old enough for sadness such as this.

She opened her soft white wings and covered the baby and she rose from the little body and rode back home with Lil Bit.

“Don’t be sad, Lil Bit, I’ll be going back.  I think my mom looks nice don’t you?  And did you see my dad, holding my mom’s hand.  I won’t be afraid next time.  I feel I know them already.”  She nestled in to Lil Bit’s wings and smiled all the way home.  Lil Bit left the earth and the sadness left her.  Baby #324,566,899 was sleeping soundly in the crook of her wings, snoring slightly.  God opened the gates for them himself and took her on his big shoulder and cradled the baby in his arms.

“I’m very proud of you, daughter.  Now let’s talk about the Easter egg hunt for the children.”


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