Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lil Bit Helps in WWII

Lil Bit Saves the Children
By Nita Wilson
Lil Bit was sitting with the children’s souls listening to Jesus’ tell his daily stories.  This was a favorite of the children as no matter what their age; a simple story for a three year old, when heard by a twelve year old was adjusted to fit that age. Lil Bit and her friends sat among the children as enthralled as the rest.  Lil Bit and a little girl were lying on their stomachs, chins in hands riveted by every exciting word from Jesus, when the mighty Angel, Michael walked into their midst and waited quietly while Jesus finished the story.   They spoke with their minds and Michael nodded and left.  A buzz went around the children and small angels as they knew who this mighty warrior for God was, and figured something exciting was about to happen.  One by one, the beautiful Guardian Angels took their individual children for their naps.  Punkin Seed came over to Lil Bit.
“Something’s up.  The G.A.’s never escort the children to their naps… and look… they’re staying with the sleeping children.”  Lil Bit looked to see the beautiful Guardian Angels with open wings hovering over their charges. 
“What do you think this means, Punkin Seed?  Should we be worried?”  In all her five hundred years she’d never been frightened, it was a new emotion and she was not fond of it.
“Of course not, silly.  Do you think father would let something happen to us?  Come on, let’s go ask God.”  The little angels beat it over to the big hall where God spends his time sitting behind his monitors watching every inch of the Universe.  His great head was bowed in thought while his hand rubbed his forehead and watched a particular monitor.
“Come here you two.  You should see this also.  It is a sad day for earth.”  God had never spoken to either of them before and they were understandably nervous flying up so close to this large entity of pure love. The monitor was showing many people crying and asking God for help and there was a little human man with half a mustache stretching his arm into the air looking more important than he was.
“This is what Lucifer has brought on people of earth.”  He put Lil Bit on his lap and Punkin seed stood at his knee.
“My son tells me you two have done great things.  We are going to need every angel in Heaven to combat this terrible trick the fallen angel has played on all of us.”  Lil Bit leaned her head back into God’s chest and sighed.  She could live for a million years and still not understand evil.  God changed the monitor and the two little angels watched a little girl hiding in a cupboard crying and praying.
“I think if she knew there is a kind lady on the first floor who can get her out of the city, she will survive to write about this to future generations.”  God said with a nod to the two angels.
“We’re on it.  Come on Punkin Seed.”  Lil Bit said.  “You talk to the woman downstairs and I’ll comfort the little girl so she’ll be ready to move.”  They were off.  God smiled, Jesus had done a good job training  these two; he’d have to thank him. Every day he was prouder of his son, he was a good boy for an aging Abba.
Mary walked in to see Jesus.  She wanted to go back to earth and help with the souls leaving the universe each day from the horrible death camps.  There was sorrow in Heaven and she didn’t like to see her son full of pain for his people.
“Son, I think I’m needed on earth.”  She went to her son and kissed his dear cheek.
“Yes, I believe you are.  It will take all of us to welcome the ones we can’t save from this monster and be here for their entrance into the kingdom.  This is a very bad time, Mother.”  He put his arms around her and cried, as only a son will when his mother is near to comfort.
Mary went to earth and gathered many little sisters to her in the big convents.  Most could hear her with their hearts as she spoke.  They were to welcome the people into their convents for safe keeping, feed them, love them and keep them hidden until safe to live again.  She visited the churches and touched the hearts of Priests and parishioners alike and asked them to do what they could to help all people.  Anywhere good people were gathered she spoke to open hearts and asked for mercy for God’s people; Jew and Gentile.  Many people heard the request and did what they could.  She went to the allies and asked them to hurry the end of the horrible war and some heard and agreed.
God sent armies of Angels to help the allies and send evil back to the devil.  It was a war of Heaven and earth.
Lil Bit and Punkin Seed spoke to the child in the cupboard and the lady downstairs.  The lady heard the request quicker than Punkin Seed expected and walked quietly upstairs and passed the doors of the people who believed the child was a menace to their race.  As she got to the cupboard and opened the door, the child grabbed a favorite doll and rushed into the woman’s arms.  The woman turned quietly to walk back down stairs and a large mean soldier stood with hands on hips laughing at the woman’s notion to escape with the child.
Lil Bit stepped forward and blew into his face while Punkin Seed slammed the door closed on the cupboard. The man changed and he was no longer a human, but the bad man himself.
“You think you little pipsqueaks can take a child I’ve chosen?”
Lil Bit flew close to his face; mouth screwed in courage, little fists in position; ready to fight; standing her ground.  With one blow of his evil breath Lucifer blew her into another country and laughed again.
Punkin Seed stood between Lucifer and the woman and laughed good naturedly, pretending to be braver than he was and spoke to the devil.
“Now, sir, do you really think this little bitty girl is worthy of your great plan?”  It didn’t work; he was blown on bad breath into Switzerland.
Lil Bit was back, terrified that this child she was here to save would be carried to the camps along with the good woman.  Suddenly she remembered her training and what little angels are supposed to do when things are out of their control.
“MICHAEL, HELP, MICHAEL, HELP.”  She screamed with every bit of energy she could muster. With a great whoosh of mighty wings, the great angel Michael appeared.
“So, Lucifer, this is how far you’ve come?  Bullying children and cherubs?  My, my, how the mighty Angel has fallen; no pun of course.”  Michael said with a hardy laugh.  Suddenly he was holding a burning lightning rod.  Lucifer flew into the sky with Michael on his cowardly heels.
“Quick, take her away.”  Lil Bit spoke to the woman’s heart.  They watched as the woman hid the child on the floor of her car and drove to a cottage in the country. 
Punkin Seed and Lil Bit sat on God’s knees.
“Sir, may we save other children?  Honey Suckle and Moon Beam want to help too.”  She looked into the great eyes of justice waiting for an answer.
“I think that is a wonderful idea.  If Jesus Okays it, I’m fine with it.  Now run along.”
Four little angels stood in front of Jesus waiting for an answer with anxious expressions.
“You will go to a place called, Bergen-Belsen and find a woman named Luba.  She has fifty four children in her care and she needs help.  Stay as long as you’re needed.  There will be many days when hearts will have to be changed in order for the children to live.  I know you will do your best.”  The little angels saluted and left as the brave soldiers they felt themselves to be.  Lil Bit flew back and gave Jesus an angel kiss on his cheek.  He smiled for the first time that day.

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