Friday, March 29, 2013

Lil Bit and Easter #12

                                                                Lil Bit and Easter

                        By Nita Wilson

As always this time of year, God is a happy papa.  His pride in his son knows no bounds and his heavenly friends celebrating his son’s home coming is a joy to him.  He, like Mary and many of the older angels try not to think of the terrible day he died, but it had to be done and his son was brave and honorable to the last moment.    Mary has a tendency to go into a slight depression on this occasion, but each of the big angels keep watch on the Holy Mother who is easily brought back to her usual happy state when her son steps to her side and she can see he is safe.  She knows she’s a silly woman for being worried still, but it will take more than a few thousand years for her to outlive the horror of her son’s agonizing death.  Jesus, being who he is, understands and doesn’t stray far from her side.  But a Father couldn’t ask for a better son and has declared Easter Sunday a day of celebration and giving.

Everyone in Heaven is getting ready for the happy day.  Unlike on earth, Easter in Heaven is not a time to remember their beloved Jesus being crucified and dying a horrible death.  It is time to remember his coming home and taking his position next to his Father and Mother after his job on earth.  Jesus loves the way the children of earth celebrate his day of rebirth.  He’s glad adults take it very seriously and re-adjust their thoughts on their sins and his dying for them, which is as it should be, but children shouldn’t have to be witness to the terrible ordeal of his death and the sadness of his friends’ betrayals.  There is time for that once they are old enough to understand his sacrifice.  In Heaven, it is a time of homecoming, and thanksgiving.  It is a time of great joy and happiness and every soul joins in the celebration.  Down to the smallest, the contagious party atmosphere is regaled and enjoyed. 

Lil Bit has been rounding up the Bunnies and Baby Chicks for the big parade for days.  Punkin Seed, Moon Beam and Petal have been painting eggs and making sure the happy chicks inside will pop out on time for Easter Morning, which always gets a laugh from the children.  The big Giraffes have hung lanterns of Glowworms on the trees and the elephants are still busy painting watermelons in bright Easter colors and hanging them on the stars for the monkeys and Parrots to use as Piñatas.  Birds of every shape and color are fluffing themselves in preparation for the big parade, over which they will fly in formation and be announced and recognized from the podium.

Punkin Seed is helping with the children, counting jelly beans and peeps for each to share from their loaded baskets full of sweet grasses and delicate flowers.  Silk worms have been working all winter making the brightly colored banners that will fly from the columns along the parade route.  Lili and her Buddhists children souls are preparing the huge paper dragon they will fly down the gold streets on the morning of the big parade, held aloft by mosquitoes and flying insects of all kind. 

The souls of Children of all nations are in Heavenly choirs rehearsing the beautiful hymns that will be sung and chanted.  Everyone is busy and everyone is joyous. 

But now it is Easter day and Lil Bit is rushing around putting the last minute touches on all the celebration entrusted to her.  Each angel has either volunteered or been assigned a part of the big day.  Lil Bit is in charge of the children souls come to Heaven before their time on earth was over.  Some were abused and neglected or in some cases were murdered by one or both of their parents.  These children find it hard to adjust to Heaven and give their trust to no angel or even Jesus himself until they can finally settle in and find it to be a wonderful haven of love, safety and comfort.  The Holy Mother as a rule is the first to meet these little foundlings, take them in her arms and hold them tight against her heart.  Some react to her love right away, some don’t, but over all, these children’s souls are a sad lot of folks.  It was Lil Bit’s job this year to prepare their Easter baskets for the egg hunts and make sure they were dressed in their Sunday best for the return to earth. 

Each year all of Heaven goes back to earth to watch the joyous occasion of Jesus emerging from the tomb once again and being carried home by a host of beautiful angels especially handpicked for the job by the Almighty himself.  It was a pageant no one ever wanted to miss.  All morning, Lil Bit had been telling the children the story of sweet Jesus and how he was asleep in his tomb, after having been betrayed and hurt much like they had been.  How he rose and Michael opened his tomb and he saw his friend Mary.  The children were wide eyed listening to Lil Bit.

“You mean, Jesus was hurt also?   Like us?”  Lil Bit was glad to see her story was making a difference.

“Yes, terribly hurt, but he will never be hurt again, just like you.”  The little boy had to think about this.

“You remember when you first got here?  Remember how the angel chorus sang for you and Our Heavenly Father took you in himself?  Remember how our Holy Mother held you close and kissed your cheeks?”  All the children nodded, wide eyed and listening.

“That is how it was for Jesus when he came home.  Angels sang and everyone rejoiced.  We are going back to earth to watch that this afternoon, then we will come back here and you will meet all the other children in Heaven and you will look for colored eggs and bunnies.”

“Really Lil Bit?  Are you lying?  Is this a trick?  We know about lying and tricks, ya know.”  Lil Bit opened a portal into the afternoon’s time and the children could see themselves happily meeting other children and sharing their baskets full of goodies.”

“Aaaah.” The children said in unison in awe and appreciation of what was to come.

“Now, come along, we want to be first at the tomb so we can get a good cloud.”  Lil Bit took a small hand who took a small hand, who took a small hand on down the line of children wanting to believe her so much, they gave their trust one more time.  She flew to earth looking just like a small kite with a very long tail to anyone in Heaven who happened to be watching.  Anyone on earth looking up would have thought it was the exhaust of a big jet breaking up and giving the appearance of children flying single file in its wake.

The event began with Jesus awakening and moving the big stone with the help of Michael the Arc Angel and they were both magnificent.  The angels applauded at the first act of this miracle and each turned to each and exclaimed it was the best production to date.  When Mary Magdalene came to the empty tomb, all eyes were watching in anticipation of her reaction, and none were disappointed.  When Jesus appeared to her, she ran to him with outstretched arms and was taken aback when he addressed her.

“Don’t touch me, dear Mary, I haven’t ascended yet.”  She almost swooned with gladness that he knew her name and he was living again.  When he told her to run tell the disciples, she seemed to run helter skelter, confused and upset in her excitement beyond belief, everyone waited with baited breath to see the disciples’ reactions.  Even though Heaven had witnessed this a million times, it was still as fresh to them as if it happened that day.  Some thought Mary M. over acted just a tiny bit this time while others were enthralled and applauded loudly.  But all knew they would be just as confused had it been them finding the tomb empty.  Peter and John did an excellent job coming back to the tomb, wondering if the body had been stolen, or if indeed their Lord had risen.  All in all it was an excellent reenactment and everyone flew back to Heaven to continue the celebration.  Older angels sat under big trees and talked all afternoon about the time Jesus was on earth and how helpless they were as they waited for him to ask them to save him, but with pride they all admitted he never did.  Young angels listened with open hearts and wondered what they would have done.  The little angles and the children enjoyed the egg hunts and all the excitement and Heaven was a joyous place even more than usual.  Lil Bit’s children’s souls were awakening to the joy around them and knew their lives were going to be wonderful in this place.  Mother Mary asked them to pray for their parents and all were glad to do so.  Forgiveness is an easy task when one is happy and loving.  Soon it was sundown and the fireflies had a special treat for all.  Life goes on in Heaven and Lil Bit never wanted to be anywhere else.



Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lil Bit Wants a Grandma or Grandpa #11

                                Lil Bit Wants a Grandma or Grandpa
                           By Nita Wilson
Lil Bit didn’t have parents as she was a creation of God himself.  With no parents, she had no grandparents and that was becoming a problem for her.  She knew many grandparents in Heaven and they were always loving, gentle and playful with the little human souls.  Some were the actual grandparents of the child, and some were grandparents waiting for their own grandchildren to arrive.  Also, there were Children waiting for their real grandma or grandpa to arrive and until such time, were attracted to many of these older souls.  She watched as the happy souls spent time together, loving and happy; playing games, telling jokes and having a wonderful time.  Sometimes she went to the Heavenly circus and watched as a grandpa bought cotton candy and popcorn for his special little child soul.  Sometimes she spent time at the Heavenly swimming pool and enjoyed the playful, splashing children swimming and cannon balling off the side.  The loving grandparent sitting on the side of the pool reading the Heaven Sun Times or a Heaven’s Digest while keeping one eye on their little charge.  
Lil Bit had Jesus and Mother Mary, as did all in Heaven and on earth, but the two dear souls were shared with so many others, sometimes a little angel had to wait her turn to be tickled and tossed in the air by Jesus, or work in the rose garden with Mother Mary.  Lil Bit knew she had a jealous streak that would have to be dispelled, but the dream of having her own grandma or grandpa was overwhelming at times.
“Moon Beam, don’t you ever want your own grandma?”  She asked her best friend one day.
“I never thought about it.  I’m too busy and you should be too.”   Lil Bit knew this was true, but it didn’t matter; she wanted what she wanted.  She asked Punkin Seed who laughed in her face and told her to go away and leave his Huckleberry bushes alone, he found them first. 
“I don’t want your ole Huckleberry bushes.  Why are you so mean?”  She thrust out her bottom lip and walked away.
“Wait, Lil Bit.  I’m sorry, you can have some.  I’ve just been a little down lately since the Super Bowl.”  He held out a purple stained hand with lots of berries.  She looked from the dirty hand to him and shook her head.
“No thanks, I can wait and pick my own. Thanks anyway.”  She flew off wondering what the heck a Super Bowl was and whether or not it was meant for Huckleberries and cream.
After asking several angels who gave her the same response as Punkin Seed, she flew up to the great hall and gently knocked on the huge doors. 
“Come in.”  Boomed his mighty voice.  She went through the doors and saw his gentle self sitting in front of all the many monitors.  He reached over and scooped her onto his lap.
“So, you want a grandma or grandpa?  Is that what I’ve been hearing?” 
“Yes, Abby Father.  I think they are very special and we all should have some.”  She sat looking down making the itsy bitsy spider movement with her tiny hands while trying not to whine.
“I quite agree, child.  I’m surprised I never thought of it myself.”  He raised her chin with a big finger and looked into her eyes.
“Yes, Mam, a fine idea.  I think this is going to be a new joy in Heaven.”  He pointed to one of the monitors.
“See these people here?”  He showed a monitor with a group of older souls playing checkers and listening to Heavenly music.  Some were making notes in ancient Bibles and some were in warm kitchens baking nice things to eat and singing to themselves. Some were fishing on river banks and some were just feeding animals and birds around Heaven, but all were living in joyous content.
“These are people who never had children on earth.  They may be as fond of the idea of grandchildren as you are of grandparents.  Why don’t we ask them?”  He put her down and picked up the little microphone used to speak to the people on the monitor.
“Attention, friends.  If you are interested in having a grandchild, please sign up on the bulletin board in the great hall.  We have young angels who need a little spoiling.  If this is to your liking, please sign up.”  He shrugged his shoulders and looked at Lil Bit.
“We’ll see what happens.  Maybe you could speak to the baby angels and see how many may be interested?”  He smiled the wonderful smile that always made her glad to be his child.
“But Abby Father what if not enough grandparents sign up?  My friends would be hurt.”  He threw back his head and laughed and laughed.
“One thing I know, child, no one can say no to having a grandchild.  Maybe a few on earth, but NONE here at home.”  Now run along and ask your friends.”  He was still chuckling at the thought of a person not wanting a grandchild as she left the great hall.
“Moon Beam, Moon Beam, we’re going to have grandparents.  Isn’t that wonderful?”  She flew around Moon Beam’s head like a friendly fly.
“I guess.  What does that mean?”  She stopped planting the tulip bulbs long enough to take off her gloves and sunhat and look at her friend.
“I’ll tell you what it means.”  They heard the kindest voice they had ever heard and looked around.  A beautiful white haired, dark skinned lady with a huge smile and shining eyes was sweeping Moon Beam up in her arms.
“It means, me and you are going to bake some nice zucchini bread for Jesus’ supper and maybe if he’s good we’ll invite old Moses too.”  Moon Beam squealed with delight and left with her new ‘grandmother’ asking a bazillion questions about life and baking and… life.
Lil Bit was happy; it was happening, they would all get grandparents.  Everywhere she looked there were old souls matching up with little angels and even children’s souls who were yet to find a grandparent were being chosen by a grandmother or grandfather.  She stood still in the tulip garden and looked around.  What would her grandparents be like?  Tall, short, fat, thin?  She liked the idea of a little plump grandma with a white bun, but she wasn’t picky, any kind would do. 
Lil Bit sat all afternoon on a beautiful iron bench watching the tulips grow, but no one came.  At twilight she left and went back to the great hall.  She passed happy people all over Heaven.  All but one; a little plump lady with white bun was sitting in a patch of clover, sad forlorn and lonely.  Lil Bit flew around her a couple of times to assess the situation before finally making herself very small and lighting on a four leaf clover.  She sat and looked at the little old lady and saw the portal the old woman had made to watch the goings on down on earth.  There was an old tenement building in a big city and Lil Bit walked down the narrow hall and into a one room apartment to see the body of the little old lady lying un-seen and un-noticed, un-loved and neglected in a small bed surrounded by books and framed photographs of a life lived happily, but alone.  There were many pictures of friends and happy outings, but no family photographs, no children or grandchildren.  Lil Bit could see the friends in the photographs were all gone from earth, and residing in Heaven with families of their own.   She saw in an angel’s eye the woman knew no other life but the one she was leaving and so kept her soul attached to the old woman in the bed. 
“This will be my grandmother.”  Thought Lil Bit.  “And she will be the best ever.  She has a whole life of fun things to show and tell me and I will be the first in Heaven to know these things.”
Lil Bit touched the old ladies heart and looked into her now smiling face.
“Hi Grandma.  I’m Lil Bit.  I think we are going to be best friends.  Do you know how to be a grandma?” 
“No.  But I always wanted to be.”  The lady was smiling.  So this was Heaven.  How delightful, her own grandchild, yes this was Heaven.
“What do we do first?”  She was happy and couldn’t wait to get started.
“Can you bake cookies?  We have a whole bunch of chocolate chips and nuts, I like them best.” 
The old lady frowned.
“I don’t like to cook.  Never did.  I guess you’ll have to find another grandma.”
“What, find another grandma?  Are you kidding me Grandma?  So you can’t cook, what can you do?”  Lil Bit couldn’t wait to tell Moon Beam her grandma couldn’t cook, this was getting more interesting by the second.
“I play the piano. But I haven’t played in years; I had to sell mine to pay the rent.”  The lady answered with a doubtful look.
“Oh boy.  Yes, come on, I know where there’s one in a beautiful hall just waiting to be played.”  Lil Bit took her grandma to the hall of music, chose a piano and the two of them carried it to a beautiful room with tall windows overlooking a garden of statues and paths bordered with flowering bushes.  Grandma played all afternoon and Lil Bit danced and danced.  Grandma taught her the “Charlston”, the “Jitter Bug” and how to Waltz’ and by dinner time, they were tired and hungry and even the statues were dancing.
“So this is Heaven.”  The old woman smiled with joy, holding Lil Bit in her arms.
“So this is a grandma.”  Lil Bit loved hers so much she wanted to squeal.
“You see, Lil Bit, you waited patiently and I gave you the one best suited for you.”  God spoke in her heart.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Lil Bit Saves Charlotte #10

                                Lil Bit Saves Charlotte
                                      By Nita Wilson
Lil Bit and some friends were watching the sunset over Lake Michigan when they saw a fire start in a barn in Chicago.  Before they knew it, it had spread all over the city.   Thousands of guardian angels suddenly fluttered and flew around the chaos saving their humans and helping the fire brigade trying to extinguish the huge blaze.  First one building, then another caught the flames until every where Lil Bit looked there was fire.  She and her friends split up and began to look for something to do to help, but there were so many guardian angels in their way, Lil Bit was pretty much forced to step aside and let them do their jobs.  She flew in and out of buildings looking for people in trouble, but again, every where she went; the big beautiful angels were doing their jobs.  Some were saving humans to live for another day and some were escorting their human’s home to Heaven.  She thought she heard her name being called, but the sound of people screaming and calling for help interrupted her; she stopped until she heard it again.  It was Moon Beam.
 “Lil Bit, the Lord has been calling you, didn’t you hear him?  He wants you home quick.”  Lil Bit flew to Jesus.  He was sitting on the big grassy knoll looking over his favorite grove of Pomegranate trees and eating one of the beautiful red orbs as she landed, winded and nervous on his shoulder.
“Yes, sir?  Did you want me?”  She was still worried about the people on earth and if he asked her to help she’d be ready, but surely he knew she was already down there trying.
“Look down there.  Do you see the little girl in the wheel chair outside her father’s burning apartment dwelling?”  She looked where he was pointing and sure enough, his vision had created a portal of light directly to the little girl crying and trying to get everyone’s attention.  She was reaching for people running in and out of the building as they tried to save what they could.  No one would stop or pay attention to her and Lil Bit could see she was becoming hysterical.
“Judith, quiet, we are trying to get people out of the building.  Please be still until I know everyone is safely out.”  The papa said to his little girl.
Jesus took Lil Bit in the palm of his hand and brought her down to him.
“I believe she needs some help.  You might go see what is upsetting her so.”  Jesus smiled and gently blew her into the breeze that came from the open portal to earth.  Within the wink of a birds eye Lil Bit was hovering over the little girl trying to get her attention.  Now it is well known children can see angels when no one else can, and sure enough as the little girl looked up, her eyes met Lil Bit and she began to cry again.
“Please get Charlotte.  Charlotte is still in my room.  She will be burned alive, please help her.”  Lil Bit winked at the little girl and disappeared into the burning falling building and went straight to the little girl’s apartment and into her room, but there was no one there.  There was no animal, or bird or even a fish.  She was flying around the room desperately searching for a living creature when she flew under the bed and saw a doll languishing in its sad state among the cinders and dust bunnies burning and rolling around the floor.
“Are you Charlotte?”  She asked the rag tagged little doll with one eye missing and half her hair gone from years of loving and being loved.
“Yes.”  Managed the little doll with a whisper.  Lil Bit grabbed the doll and started for the door.
“There are more.” Charlotte whispered to Lil Bit.  Lil Bit looked around the burning room; sure enough there was a fluffy flannel horse with his eyes fixed on Lil Bit and a monkey made from socks with his arms outstretched to the saving angel.  Lil Bit grabbed the toys and looked for more.  Under the rocker was a book of verse opened to a story of a little angel and in the corner of the room alone and frightened was a cracked piggy bank with big sad eyes.  She grabbed all and looked to Charlotte who nodded her head.
 “Yes, we are all she has.”   Lil Bit got to the little girl as she was being taken away from the chaos by her father.  She gently put the little girl’s treasures in her lap and kissed her on the cheek. 
“Make sure you say your prayers, Judith.  Heaven watches over you and you should give thanks every night.”  Lil Bit hovered as Judith smiled and promised her she would always.
“Oh Charlotte, I was so worried about you.  Piggy, don’t be frightened, you’re safe now.”  The little girl gathered all her worldly possessions in her arms and held them close.
Her father looked over the big straw back of the second hand wheel chair and wondered how his little girl was able to save her toys.  He knew he would never be able to replace them if they were burned, he barely had money enough to feed him and his little girl; toys would not be a priority, but he needn’t worry, Judith had saved them all by herself.
“Papa, did you see the angel?  She saved all my friends.”  Judith said to her father.
“Of course she did, my pet.  Now you relax, and try to rest, this has been a terrible night.  We’re going to the church for shelter and thank God sparing us.”
And that’s just what they did, but Judith knew an angel saved her friends and one day when she was older she would tell her papa and he would believe her.  
Lil Bit went back to Jesus and reported her findings.
“Yes, Judith has been through enough, losing her friends would be too much of a hardship at this time.  You’re a good child, Lil Bit.”  He kissed her on her cheek and opened his hands for her to fly away until she was needed again.
Lil Bit decided she had to find a way to get Judith a real friend.  Friends are too important in a being’s life; no one should go without at least one.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lil Bit and Moon Beam; two friends

Lil Bit and Moon Beam; Two Friends Enjoying an Afternoon in Heaven
            By Nita Wilson
Lil Bit and Moon Beam have been best friends for… oh…
about four hundred years.  They met one day while being tossed in the air by Jesus; one of his favorite games with baby angels.  Moon Beam went up as Lil Bit was coming down, both angels eyeing the other as children will do when noticing each other for the first time.
        Moon Beam is brown and Lil Bit is white, but they both have white wings and golden halos.  When you see them together on a cloud or sitting on a log by the creek, they look like book-ends without the books.  Of course there are many differences, Lil Bit loves strawberries and Moon Beam is allergic.  Moon Beam loves cats and Lil Bit is a dog person.  Moon Beam speaks French and Lil Bit speaks Italian.  Lil Bit loves Cheerios and Moon Beam loves Apple Jacks and on and on go the differences. 
Strangely the two bonded like sisters from day one.  Maybe because Moon Beam knocked Punkin Seed off his perch on the big avocado tree when he was calling Lil Bit names and making her sad.  He knew this was not allowed, but sometimes, as everyone in Heaven knows, he just can’t behave himself.  It has caused him to miss many fun outings and have to take a time out in Jesus’ lap instead of looking for Easter eggs with the others, but he is incorrigible as Abby Father says.
This particular day he was in trouble for putting red berries in the drinking water and telling the little ones it was wine.  Lil Bit was excited; she was finally old enough to taste wine and when she drank from the well, Punkin Seed called her a silly girl angel for drinking berry water and threw more red berries on her gown causing it to change from white to red splattered.  He laughed so loud and so long, everyone came to see and hear the joke.  Some of the other baby angels followed Punkin Seed and laughed as did some of the little children from earth, but the laughter was on the other side when Moon Beam hit Punkin Seed upside the head with a loaf of rye bread and knocked him out of his tree.
“So Punkin Seed, can’t you take a little ‘rye’ humor.”  She mocked and laughed until all the others were now laughing at Punkin Seed.
Lil Bit wiped her eyes with her now red spotted gown and looked at this new friend who was standing over her, hand outstretched to help her up, moving her little brown hand over Lil Bit’s gown to take away all the berry splatters.
“Boys are not nice people, Lil Bit.  You have to show them who’s boss.  Come on, let’s go watch the fire works, Lucifer’s wife is giving him ‘what for’ for coming home late with a strange city woman.”  The two best friends flew to a large cloud overlooking earth and beyond and watched as thunder rose and lightning flashed way past earth and beyond.
“Whew, she’s sure mad this time, Moon Beam.”  The two giggled as only little girls can and Moon Beam leaned her head on Lil Bit’s shoulder.  God was pleased; now he had to talk to Punkin Seed, yet once again.
        This particular day, Lil Bit wanted to go fishing.  Now in Heaven one doesn’t use a fish hook, one sits on the bank with a fishing pole and a line in the water.  On the end of that line could be a nice chocolate chip cookie, or a P.B.&J, but always something a fish would like to eat.  The fish eats what it wants and then pulls the line to let the person with the pole know he’s had enough and is willing to visit.  Then it follows the line to the surface, says a nice polite, “Howdy.” And a nice afternoon visit commences.  Maybe the fish wants to discuss the tadpoles that have been picking on it under the water, darting in and out to make the fish nervous, or an old gator hanging around looking at the fish with hungry eyes; or just something he’s been thinking of that needs saying.  Either way, the fish and the fisherperson converse, laugh, tell jokes and have a good time.  So much better than having a nasty hook imbedded in a gill etc.  If you want to eat a fish in Heaven, you ‘think it’ and a nice broiled trout in drawn butter appears on your plate with a bright yellow lemon wedge, or perhaps some nice catfish fillets fried and accompanied by a few hushpuppies, or a broiled salmon with pine nuts and garlic butter, but no fish was harmed in the process.  But I digress.  This particular fish was a favorite of the two angels and had been telling them about a sunken pirate ship he’d been haunting.  There was treasure and ‘booty’ as the pirates used to call it and interesting things not usually found under water.  Now the girls were enthralled and wanted to know more, but the old fish knew when to stop his story and leave the girls anxious for more.  This way the girls would come visit again and soon.
“See you girls later, I have things to see and ships to plunder. When you come again I will tell you of my days on earth and the big storms I’ve weathered before ending on the end of a string of friends headed to the dinner table.”  He flipped his tale twice and went back to his watery domain.
“Come on, Lil Bit, let’s go tell Moses what we saw.  Maybe he will tell us stories of what he saw when the Red Sea parted.”  Off they flew to find the most-high Moses who led his people out of Egypt and has many stories to tell.  If they begged for stories, he would tell them many.
Afternoons in Heaven can be fun and the girls knew this first hand.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lil Bit Saves a Soldier #8

                                              Lil Bit Saves a Soldier
                                  By Nita Wilson
All Heaven had been watching the horrible battles on earth.  There were not as many sad angels as one would expect, as this war was over slavery and it had to be fought.  The time for sadness had passed before the war began.  A gentler solution to the hatred and evil had been thwarted by Lucifer convincing hard headed humans to continue owning slaves for their own profits.  The earthlings had convinced themselves that the very people of God’s creation that they held in bondage were beneath them and not worthy of having a life.  Angels had been sent to reason with these people over and over again and the few who listened were outnumbered by those who did not.  All they could do now was watch for and save people God had ordained to stay on earth, and make sure they were safe.  All angels were commissioned to accomplish this and gave it their utmost attention. 
Lil Bit had been watching a little drummer boy take chances way beyond his years, running behind the hungry soldiers in the gray uniforms some with boots some without.  The child was missing the deadly shower of musket balls by inches.  His heart was in this more than his senses and she knew she had to do something.  She landed in a small bush next to his hiding place in a shallow ditch and as he started to dart out and into the fray, she shook the branches of the bush and scared him back into his ditch.  He looked up to see what caused the bush to move and looked directly in to Lil Bit’s eyes.
“Who’re you?”  The scared little boy asked the angel.
“I’m Lil Bit.  You can see me?”  She was as surprised as the boy with this turn of events.
“Oh course I can see you, do you think me blind?”  He asked indignantly.  “Why are you in that bush, don’t you know the Yankees are firing on us?  Duck and get down here with me.”  He moved to the side and gave her room in the shallow ditch.
She cocked her head to see into his heart.
 “Why are you here in such danger?  My Father says your ma is worried about you and cries for you every night.”
 “Ah, stuff and nonsense; your pa don’t know my ma.  Where’d you come from and why don’t you go back and leave me be?” 
“I’m an angel and I live in Heaven.  Can’t you see my wings?”  She looked into his heart and saw fear and sadness and knew he was missing his ma.
“Am I dead?”  He pulled on his clothing, and looked to see if he had been shot.
“No, our Father wants you to stay on earth; he has important things for you to do when you are grown.”  She put a hand on his shoulder and he relaxed into what she was saying.
“Why are you fighting to keep men in heavy chains and bonds?  Do you own another person?”  She was really curious.  Why would a young boy be so cruel?
“No, of course not.  I don’t own no slaves and neither does my ma.  I’m fightin’ cause the damn yanks are trying to tell us what to do.  This ain’t about slaves; this is about being a good southern boy and fightin’ for our rights.  Don’t you know anything up there in heaven?”  He laughed what he thought was a grown up boy’s laugh at her silliness. 
Lil Bit put one hand on his heart and one on his head.   Suddenly the little boy could see people in Heaven; people gathered in friendships and love, all colors, all different sizes and different garments.  They were laughing and enjoying each other’s company.  Then his view changed and she showed him a group of tattered and torn Africans chained together, sad and forlorn with scars on backs and legs, some missing eyes, some missing fingers, and limbs but all very miserable.  They were being loaded onto wagons by white men with guns and whips.  The little boy saw one old man with hope still in his eyes and the boy began to cry.
“That’s why I’m here without my ma?  To keep these poor people chained and miserable?  Is this the truth Lil Bit?”  She nodded her head. “Yes.”  She said tenderly holding his hand and leading him out of the ditch and through a stand of small willow trees.
“I want my ma.  I didn’t know Lil Bit, I swear I didn’t.”  He was openly crying and trying to hide it with his big boy façade.
“Close your eyes, Casa.  I’ll have you home in a second.  You must tell your ma you’ve come a long way.  I don’t think I’m supposed to show you how to fly.”
“If I get to my house from here, I have gone a long way, fly or not….FLY, did you say FLY… Lil Bit, humans don’t fly, you’ve mistaken me for a bird.  I’ll just stick to the creek and go home that way.  FLY… boy you angels sure know how to make a fella laugh.”  He took a step and was in the air, his little drum hanging from his shoulder strap across his chest with the wind knocking it into his side.
“Look down, Casa, see how the creek makes a big worm along the ground? Funny huh?  See the nests in the top of the trees? If you watch you can see a bird look at us with total disbelief.  It’s funny.  We’re going through a cloud; we call them God’s breath?  Watch.”
She began to knead and push the cloud until it made the shape of a drum with crossed drum stix lying over the top.  She took him down close to the ground so he could look up and see her creation.  “Wow, that’s great.  May I make one?”
“Sure.  She showed him how to push and blow on the clouds until they moved where he wanted them.  Within a few minutes he pulled her down almost to the ground and she could see he had made his ma waiting at the cabin door for him.
“Wow, Casa, you have cloud talent.  Some don’t you know.  Look there’s your house; I’m going to leave you here so you can go to your ma.  Remember, our Father has plans for you, take care and stay out of trouble.”  She laid him quietly and gently under a tall pine and went back to Heaven.
Casa awakened and looked around.  He realized where he was but he had no idea how he got there.  He heard his ma calling and saw her running to him.
“Casa, my baby.  You came home.  I prayed for you every day.  Thank God you’re safe.”  She grabbed him up and held him close.  Then she pushed him away and pulled him by his ear toward home.
“Don’t you ever run away from home again.  I should take you to the wood shed for scaring me so, but I won’t this time.  If you ever do it again, I won’t be responsible for what comes your way, you bad boy.”  She let go his ear and walked with her arm around his shoulder squeezing and pulling him close back down the old dirt road.
“Ma, did you know the war is to keep poor African people in chains?”  He looked up at his ma wondering where he learned this.
“Yes.  It’s not our concern, son.”
“Yes it is, Ma.  Did you know in Heaven there are no slaves and everyone is friendly with everyone?”  Again he wondered how he knew this.  
“What nonsense.  Let’s get you to bed and I think there is cornbread and buttermilk left from dinner.”  Ma and Casa walked into their future, happy, loving and a little wiser about the world.

Friday, March 8, 2013

"Punkin Seed Blows THE Horn"

“Punkin Seed Blows THE Horn”

By Nita Wilson

Punkin Seed was in real trouble.  In a split second bad decision, he picked up Gabriel’s horn and tried to blow it while the big angel was fluffing a cloud for a nap.  Punkin Seed was only able to get two toots out of the big gold instrument, but all of Heaven went into immediate action for the end of the world.  Guardian Angels were rushing to earth, souls were lining up at the big gates to welcome friends and family, children washed hands and faces to be clean and fresh when parents and grandparents arrived, and Michael and his legions were forming barricades to protect the returning souls from the last minute attacks of Lucifer to keep them out.  Gabriel quickly sounded a retreat and Heaven began to calm down and go back to normal.  With shaking of heads and rubbing of chins, there were murmurs of “How did this happen?” and “Who could have done it?” Angels went back to their daily lives and wondered if the end was really near, or was it just a prank.  Punkin Seed was nowhere to be found.

God rose from his deck of monitors and walked out of the great hall, calmly looking for Punkin Seed.  Lil Bit was hovering over God’s head making small talk trying to calm the great one and give Punkin Seed time to hide, but she knew God knew where he was and would find him sooner than soon.

Punkin Seed was hiding under a large cabbage in the Queen’s garden, but his halo was making the cabbage glow like a neon sign guiding anyone looking for him straight to his little curled up self.

Lil Bit followed God to earth, riding the terrible black cloud that hung around his great head, spitting out small tornados and lightning rods like peanut shells falling on the bleachers at a baseball game.  He hovered over the Queen’s garden.  Humans for miles around ducked into cottages and backed into corners.  Some had heard the great toot of the horn, and wondered about their futures, others were frightened of the big black cloud rumbling and creating mean looking twisters.

“Are you angry, Father?  I believe you are frightening earth.”  God stopped and turned to her.

“When I come to earth it is a big deal, Lil Bit.  I do not make simple entrances or exits.  It is why I do not come often and I am not happy to be here now.”

He continued into the Queen’s garden and picked up Punkin Seed by the back of his little robe and plopped him on his shoulder.  Lil Bit sat on the other big soft shoulder with an arm around and behind his neck holding Punkin Seed’s hand. Punkin Seed still thought he was hiding and kept his head in one hand; finally peeking out to see the world getting smaller and God’s mighty cloud moving Heavenward; he looked over at Lil Bit and she saw he was terrified.  He put his hand over his eyes, buried his head in God’s satin robe and squeezed her hand for comfort.

“You may come out Punkin Seed.”  Punkin Seed opened the fingers of one hand and saw he was sitting in God’s lap in front of the big monitors.  He was always amazed at the chaotic happenings on the big screens; only Father could keep it organized and make sense out of all the craziness.  So many people doing so many different things, some good, some bad and some horrible, but some were praying and that made the Heavenly Father happy and able to deal better with the others.

“Explain to me, Punkin Seed why you felt the need to steal Gabriel’s horn while he was not looking and why in Heaven’s name would you attempt to blow it?  You saw what happened with just the little bit of sound you made.”  He sat looking down his beard at this little terrified angel.

“I think Lucifer made me do it, Father.”  Punkin Seed was sorry for the lie the moment it left his lips.  God laughed; a great booming wonderful laugh that reverberated around Heaven and made flowers bloom on earth.

“Lying about the devil isn’t doing your case any good.  Maybe you should just be honest and tell me… the gold of the horn was shining and tempting?  or the not knowing if you could make it sound made you too curious?  Or perhaps, you wanted to impress your friends?”  He waited for an answer.  Punkin Seed gathered all his courage and said.

“I think it was all of those things, Father, and I am truly sorry.  I will not complain of any punishment you desire to give me.”  God got very serious and began his long lecture of ‘What if’s’ that could have happened had the end of the world gotten out of control’.  Of all the calamities, children being lost from their parents touched Punkin Seed the most and his tears began to wet God’s robes.  God figured the little angel had heard enough and put him down on the grass next to him.

God being an all seeing ruler knew it was only a matter of time before one of the baby angels tried the big horn.  He couldn’t blame Punkin Seed too harshly; after all, it is Gabriel’s responsibility to see that this sort of thing never happens.  Punkin Seed was allowed to go to his favorite spot and think on what he had almost caused, but before he went, God touched his finger to Punkin Seed’s chest and filled it with love.  God never wanted one of his souls or angels to think he didn’t love them no matter what they may have caused.

God sat back and thought Gabriel in to see him.

Lil Bit followed Punkin Seed to the creek bank under the big Oak tree.  He loved to sit and talk to the fish and frogs when they came close.  One big fresh water trout in particular loved to tell him stories of how he followed Noah’s Ark, but Punkin Seed was leery since the Ark was in salt water.  However the old trout was such a good story teller, no one called him on it; besides, the fresh water fish had to be saved also, maybe God made them able to swim in the ocean for the time being.  But today Punkin Seed was in no mood to talk to anyone or anything.  Lil Bit sat close to him and didn’t say a word.  Sometimes it’s best for friends just to be near and not speak.  They sat all day and around supper time, Punkin Seed turned to Lil Bit.

“You want to see if the Robin’s eggs have hatched yet?”

“Sure.”  The two best friends flew through the woods to the Robin’s tree.  Life is good once you’ve been forgiven for doing something bad.  Everyone, even little angels can make mistakes, but it’s knowing you will never do it again that is the gift.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Lil Bit and Grandma - Jesus eats the grapes


Lil Bit Helps Grandma

By Nita Wilson


Punkin Seed was peeling big purple grapes for Lil Bit to put in Jesus’ mouth to the giggling audience of small children sitting under the big tree.  Jesus wasn’t as fond of big purple grapes as he was of the small green ones, but the chorus of children’s happy giggles made the big grapes taste better than any grape he’d ever eaten.

He had been listening to prayers from earth when grapes began to fall on his head from the big tree.  He looked to see two mischievous little angels sitting in a tall branch dropping grapes on his head.

“Come down here you two.  Why are you wasting the vine’s bounty?”  He brushed at the top of his hair to make sure there were no grapes left on his head.

“Now what is this all about?”  He asked the two angels.
”We told the children we could make you laugh, and they wanted to see.”  Jesus looked to see all the children come out from their hiding places and sit at his feet.  Then Lil Bit popped a peeled grape in his mouth and the children went into fits of giggles.  Just as she was about to pop another one, Jesus playfully snapped and barked at her hand and scared her half to death.  The children fell into fits of laughter.  Jesus was their favorite person in all of Heaven, but there was one little boy sitting quietly away from the others with his head in his arms crossed over his knees.  Jesus looked at Lil Bit who nodded her head toward the little boy and mouthed to Jesus... “His grandmother was supposed to come today, but she didn’t.”  Jesus got up and walked over to the little boy and picked him up in his arms and cradled him to his heart.

“Now, we can’t have sadness when so many are laughing.  Would you like for me to send Lil Bit to find your grandmother?”

“Oh, yes please, my Lord.  I miss her and I know she misses me.”  Jesus sat down with the little boy on his lap and nodded to Lil Bit to go find his grandmother on earth.

Lil Bit felt in her heart for his grandmother and found her in a hospital in

Mobile, AL.  The accident she and her grandson had experienced with the drunk driver left her lying in a coma attached to so many wires and tubes, she appeared to be caught in a large spider’s web.  Lil Bit approached and breathed into her heart.

“Are you still there?  Can you hear me?”  She saw the heart was only beating when the machine told it and the same for the lungs.

“I’m over here.”  She said.  Lil Bit turned to see Grandma’s soul sitting in a chair across from the bed, sad and confused.

“What’s going on?”  Lil Bit asked her kindly and took her hand.

“I don’t know what to do.  I don’t know if I should stay or go.  I want to find Jordan, he needs me.”

“Well, you’re in luck.  Come with me.  The machines will be turned off eventually and you can get a head start.”  Lil Bit was pleased; this would be easier than she thought.  She had been afraid Grandma would be living and not ready to come home.

“Is there anyone you would like to say Goodbye to before you come home?”

“No, my daughter left Jordan with me after he was born and we haven’t heard from her since.  She is a selfish daughter and I’d like to kick her in the pants.  That would be my good bye to her.”

“Oh, well come on then.  Maybe you shouldn’t leave without giving her this wake-up call.  Jesus will be disappointed in her for leaving her baby.  She needs to make things right.”  Lil Bit pointed to a distant spot and they were suddenly standing on a beautiful beach at sunset.  Jordan’s mother and her boyfriend were sitting lovingly together; no worries, no problems, just enjoying each other and their free-from-responsibilities, lives.  Lil Bit flew into the mother’s heart and spoke to the mother’s guardian angel for a quick second.  When she emerged Grandma looked at her with a million questions on her face.

“Her guardian angel has been remiss in her duties.  She has allowed your daughter to rule her own life and has not tried very hard to sway her.  I think you will see a difference very soon.”

Both Grandma and Lil Bit stood enjoying the beautiful sunset until they heard the mother turn to her boyfriend. 

“I have something I feel I need to tell you.  I have a son.  He is five and lives with my mom.  I would like to see him.”  The boyfriend was horrified.

“You have a son?  How often do you see him?”  He had to look twice at this woman he thought was so special.

“Never.  But I think I need to change that.  I think he might need me and I know I need him.”  The boyfriend watched as her tears began to stream down her face.  She had never missed her son before this time, oh on rare occasions she would think of him, but never ‘missed’ him in her heart.  She didn’t know why ‘now’ this moment she should feel like this.  Maybe it was the sunset or maybe it was because for the first time in her life a good man loved her.

Her boyfriend didn’t know how to act.  She was genuinely sorry for neglecting her son.  Maybe she would make it right.  Maybe she was still the woman he loved.

“I have to think about this.  Let’s go find your son and then we’ll see what our future will be.”  He kissed her on the cheek and took her hand.

“I would like for my mother and Jordan to live with us.”  She wiped tears from her eyes.

“I would like that, too.”  The boyfriend said.

“Now, she will have to deal with what she has done, but he will be there to help her through it.  Sometimes when we hurt other people, in the end we are hurt more.”  Lil Bit took the Grandma’s hand.

“I don’t want her to suffer.  I’m sorry we did this.”

“Would you rather her suffer now, and make her life better for it, or when she has to report to our Lord when she goes home?”  Grandma saw the wisdom of Lil Bit’s plan, but no mother likes to see their child go through what her daughter was about to go through.  She would ask Jesus if she and Jordan could come back and say Good bye later.

“That’s a great idea.”  Lil Bit said, reading Grandma’s mind.

“Now, I will take you to Jordan.  I have a feeling I will be sent back to deal with a man who drinks and drives.”

Jesus was standing next to Jordan at the big gates waiting for Grandma.

“Look over there, child.  I think someone is glad to see you.”  Jesus pointed to a small hill in the distance.  Jordan looked over to see his Grandma with a spring in her step coming over the rise waving and laughing.

“GRANDMA” Jordan screamed and ran to meet her.

“Good job, Lil Bit.  Thanks for helping the young mother.  And you’re right.  I think there is a man down there who has allowed his dependence on too much fire water to interfere with my father’s plans.”  Jesus laughed at ‘fire water’ he’d always thought that was a good name for alcohol.  He kissed Lil Bit’ halo and said.  “Think fast.” and threw her a grape which landed in her quickly opened mouth. “I trust you can find the man and ask him to change his ways.”

Children came to gather around, laughing at Lil Bit’s surprise.  They’d been waiting all morning for Jesus to play his trick on her.

“You’re gonna love it here, Grandma.”  Jordan was walking back through the big gates holding her hand.