Friday, March 29, 2013

Lil Bit and Easter #12

                                                                Lil Bit and Easter

                        By Nita Wilson

As always this time of year, God is a happy papa.  His pride in his son knows no bounds and his heavenly friends celebrating his son’s home coming is a joy to him.  He, like Mary and many of the older angels try not to think of the terrible day he died, but it had to be done and his son was brave and honorable to the last moment.    Mary has a tendency to go into a slight depression on this occasion, but each of the big angels keep watch on the Holy Mother who is easily brought back to her usual happy state when her son steps to her side and she can see he is safe.  She knows she’s a silly woman for being worried still, but it will take more than a few thousand years for her to outlive the horror of her son’s agonizing death.  Jesus, being who he is, understands and doesn’t stray far from her side.  But a Father couldn’t ask for a better son and has declared Easter Sunday a day of celebration and giving.

Everyone in Heaven is getting ready for the happy day.  Unlike on earth, Easter in Heaven is not a time to remember their beloved Jesus being crucified and dying a horrible death.  It is time to remember his coming home and taking his position next to his Father and Mother after his job on earth.  Jesus loves the way the children of earth celebrate his day of rebirth.  He’s glad adults take it very seriously and re-adjust their thoughts on their sins and his dying for them, which is as it should be, but children shouldn’t have to be witness to the terrible ordeal of his death and the sadness of his friends’ betrayals.  There is time for that once they are old enough to understand his sacrifice.  In Heaven, it is a time of homecoming, and thanksgiving.  It is a time of great joy and happiness and every soul joins in the celebration.  Down to the smallest, the contagious party atmosphere is regaled and enjoyed. 

Lil Bit has been rounding up the Bunnies and Baby Chicks for the big parade for days.  Punkin Seed, Moon Beam and Petal have been painting eggs and making sure the happy chicks inside will pop out on time for Easter Morning, which always gets a laugh from the children.  The big Giraffes have hung lanterns of Glowworms on the trees and the elephants are still busy painting watermelons in bright Easter colors and hanging them on the stars for the monkeys and Parrots to use as Piñatas.  Birds of every shape and color are fluffing themselves in preparation for the big parade, over which they will fly in formation and be announced and recognized from the podium.

Punkin Seed is helping with the children, counting jelly beans and peeps for each to share from their loaded baskets full of sweet grasses and delicate flowers.  Silk worms have been working all winter making the brightly colored banners that will fly from the columns along the parade route.  Lili and her Buddhists children souls are preparing the huge paper dragon they will fly down the gold streets on the morning of the big parade, held aloft by mosquitoes and flying insects of all kind. 

The souls of Children of all nations are in Heavenly choirs rehearsing the beautiful hymns that will be sung and chanted.  Everyone is busy and everyone is joyous. 

But now it is Easter day and Lil Bit is rushing around putting the last minute touches on all the celebration entrusted to her.  Each angel has either volunteered or been assigned a part of the big day.  Lil Bit is in charge of the children souls come to Heaven before their time on earth was over.  Some were abused and neglected or in some cases were murdered by one or both of their parents.  These children find it hard to adjust to Heaven and give their trust to no angel or even Jesus himself until they can finally settle in and find it to be a wonderful haven of love, safety and comfort.  The Holy Mother as a rule is the first to meet these little foundlings, take them in her arms and hold them tight against her heart.  Some react to her love right away, some don’t, but over all, these children’s souls are a sad lot of folks.  It was Lil Bit’s job this year to prepare their Easter baskets for the egg hunts and make sure they were dressed in their Sunday best for the return to earth. 

Each year all of Heaven goes back to earth to watch the joyous occasion of Jesus emerging from the tomb once again and being carried home by a host of beautiful angels especially handpicked for the job by the Almighty himself.  It was a pageant no one ever wanted to miss.  All morning, Lil Bit had been telling the children the story of sweet Jesus and how he was asleep in his tomb, after having been betrayed and hurt much like they had been.  How he rose and Michael opened his tomb and he saw his friend Mary.  The children were wide eyed listening to Lil Bit.

“You mean, Jesus was hurt also?   Like us?”  Lil Bit was glad to see her story was making a difference.

“Yes, terribly hurt, but he will never be hurt again, just like you.”  The little boy had to think about this.

“You remember when you first got here?  Remember how the angel chorus sang for you and Our Heavenly Father took you in himself?  Remember how our Holy Mother held you close and kissed your cheeks?”  All the children nodded, wide eyed and listening.

“That is how it was for Jesus when he came home.  Angels sang and everyone rejoiced.  We are going back to earth to watch that this afternoon, then we will come back here and you will meet all the other children in Heaven and you will look for colored eggs and bunnies.”

“Really Lil Bit?  Are you lying?  Is this a trick?  We know about lying and tricks, ya know.”  Lil Bit opened a portal into the afternoon’s time and the children could see themselves happily meeting other children and sharing their baskets full of goodies.”

“Aaaah.” The children said in unison in awe and appreciation of what was to come.

“Now, come along, we want to be first at the tomb so we can get a good cloud.”  Lil Bit took a small hand who took a small hand, who took a small hand on down the line of children wanting to believe her so much, they gave their trust one more time.  She flew to earth looking just like a small kite with a very long tail to anyone in Heaven who happened to be watching.  Anyone on earth looking up would have thought it was the exhaust of a big jet breaking up and giving the appearance of children flying single file in its wake.

The event began with Jesus awakening and moving the big stone with the help of Michael the Arc Angel and they were both magnificent.  The angels applauded at the first act of this miracle and each turned to each and exclaimed it was the best production to date.  When Mary Magdalene came to the empty tomb, all eyes were watching in anticipation of her reaction, and none were disappointed.  When Jesus appeared to her, she ran to him with outstretched arms and was taken aback when he addressed her.

“Don’t touch me, dear Mary, I haven’t ascended yet.”  She almost swooned with gladness that he knew her name and he was living again.  When he told her to run tell the disciples, she seemed to run helter skelter, confused and upset in her excitement beyond belief, everyone waited with baited breath to see the disciples’ reactions.  Even though Heaven had witnessed this a million times, it was still as fresh to them as if it happened that day.  Some thought Mary M. over acted just a tiny bit this time while others were enthralled and applauded loudly.  But all knew they would be just as confused had it been them finding the tomb empty.  Peter and John did an excellent job coming back to the tomb, wondering if the body had been stolen, or if indeed their Lord had risen.  All in all it was an excellent reenactment and everyone flew back to Heaven to continue the celebration.  Older angels sat under big trees and talked all afternoon about the time Jesus was on earth and how helpless they were as they waited for him to ask them to save him, but with pride they all admitted he never did.  Young angels listened with open hearts and wondered what they would have done.  The little angles and the children enjoyed the egg hunts and all the excitement and Heaven was a joyous place even more than usual.  Lil Bit’s children’s souls were awakening to the joy around them and knew their lives were going to be wonderful in this place.  Mother Mary asked them to pray for their parents and all were glad to do so.  Forgiveness is an easy task when one is happy and loving.  Soon it was sundown and the fireflies had a special treat for all.  Life goes on in Heaven and Lil Bit never wanted to be anywhere else.



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