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Lil Bit Wants a Grandma or Grandpa #11

                                Lil Bit Wants a Grandma or Grandpa
                           By Nita Wilson
Lil Bit didn’t have parents as she was a creation of God himself.  With no parents, she had no grandparents and that was becoming a problem for her.  She knew many grandparents in Heaven and they were always loving, gentle and playful with the little human souls.  Some were the actual grandparents of the child, and some were grandparents waiting for their own grandchildren to arrive.  Also, there were Children waiting for their real grandma or grandpa to arrive and until such time, were attracted to many of these older souls.  She watched as the happy souls spent time together, loving and happy; playing games, telling jokes and having a wonderful time.  Sometimes she went to the Heavenly circus and watched as a grandpa bought cotton candy and popcorn for his special little child soul.  Sometimes she spent time at the Heavenly swimming pool and enjoyed the playful, splashing children swimming and cannon balling off the side.  The loving grandparent sitting on the side of the pool reading the Heaven Sun Times or a Heaven’s Digest while keeping one eye on their little charge.  
Lil Bit had Jesus and Mother Mary, as did all in Heaven and on earth, but the two dear souls were shared with so many others, sometimes a little angel had to wait her turn to be tickled and tossed in the air by Jesus, or work in the rose garden with Mother Mary.  Lil Bit knew she had a jealous streak that would have to be dispelled, but the dream of having her own grandma or grandpa was overwhelming at times.
“Moon Beam, don’t you ever want your own grandma?”  She asked her best friend one day.
“I never thought about it.  I’m too busy and you should be too.”   Lil Bit knew this was true, but it didn’t matter; she wanted what she wanted.  She asked Punkin Seed who laughed in her face and told her to go away and leave his Huckleberry bushes alone, he found them first. 
“I don’t want your ole Huckleberry bushes.  Why are you so mean?”  She thrust out her bottom lip and walked away.
“Wait, Lil Bit.  I’m sorry, you can have some.  I’ve just been a little down lately since the Super Bowl.”  He held out a purple stained hand with lots of berries.  She looked from the dirty hand to him and shook her head.
“No thanks, I can wait and pick my own. Thanks anyway.”  She flew off wondering what the heck a Super Bowl was and whether or not it was meant for Huckleberries and cream.
After asking several angels who gave her the same response as Punkin Seed, she flew up to the great hall and gently knocked on the huge doors. 
“Come in.”  Boomed his mighty voice.  She went through the doors and saw his gentle self sitting in front of all the many monitors.  He reached over and scooped her onto his lap.
“So, you want a grandma or grandpa?  Is that what I’ve been hearing?” 
“Yes, Abby Father.  I think they are very special and we all should have some.”  She sat looking down making the itsy bitsy spider movement with her tiny hands while trying not to whine.
“I quite agree, child.  I’m surprised I never thought of it myself.”  He raised her chin with a big finger and looked into her eyes.
“Yes, Mam, a fine idea.  I think this is going to be a new joy in Heaven.”  He pointed to one of the monitors.
“See these people here?”  He showed a monitor with a group of older souls playing checkers and listening to Heavenly music.  Some were making notes in ancient Bibles and some were in warm kitchens baking nice things to eat and singing to themselves. Some were fishing on river banks and some were just feeding animals and birds around Heaven, but all were living in joyous content.
“These are people who never had children on earth.  They may be as fond of the idea of grandchildren as you are of grandparents.  Why don’t we ask them?”  He put her down and picked up the little microphone used to speak to the people on the monitor.
“Attention, friends.  If you are interested in having a grandchild, please sign up on the bulletin board in the great hall.  We have young angels who need a little spoiling.  If this is to your liking, please sign up.”  He shrugged his shoulders and looked at Lil Bit.
“We’ll see what happens.  Maybe you could speak to the baby angels and see how many may be interested?”  He smiled the wonderful smile that always made her glad to be his child.
“But Abby Father what if not enough grandparents sign up?  My friends would be hurt.”  He threw back his head and laughed and laughed.
“One thing I know, child, no one can say no to having a grandchild.  Maybe a few on earth, but NONE here at home.”  Now run along and ask your friends.”  He was still chuckling at the thought of a person not wanting a grandchild as she left the great hall.
“Moon Beam, Moon Beam, we’re going to have grandparents.  Isn’t that wonderful?”  She flew around Moon Beam’s head like a friendly fly.
“I guess.  What does that mean?”  She stopped planting the tulip bulbs long enough to take off her gloves and sunhat and look at her friend.
“I’ll tell you what it means.”  They heard the kindest voice they had ever heard and looked around.  A beautiful white haired, dark skinned lady with a huge smile and shining eyes was sweeping Moon Beam up in her arms.
“It means, me and you are going to bake some nice zucchini bread for Jesus’ supper and maybe if he’s good we’ll invite old Moses too.”  Moon Beam squealed with delight and left with her new ‘grandmother’ asking a bazillion questions about life and baking and… life.
Lil Bit was happy; it was happening, they would all get grandparents.  Everywhere she looked there were old souls matching up with little angels and even children’s souls who were yet to find a grandparent were being chosen by a grandmother or grandfather.  She stood still in the tulip garden and looked around.  What would her grandparents be like?  Tall, short, fat, thin?  She liked the idea of a little plump grandma with a white bun, but she wasn’t picky, any kind would do. 
Lil Bit sat all afternoon on a beautiful iron bench watching the tulips grow, but no one came.  At twilight she left and went back to the great hall.  She passed happy people all over Heaven.  All but one; a little plump lady with white bun was sitting in a patch of clover, sad forlorn and lonely.  Lil Bit flew around her a couple of times to assess the situation before finally making herself very small and lighting on a four leaf clover.  She sat and looked at the little old lady and saw the portal the old woman had made to watch the goings on down on earth.  There was an old tenement building in a big city and Lil Bit walked down the narrow hall and into a one room apartment to see the body of the little old lady lying un-seen and un-noticed, un-loved and neglected in a small bed surrounded by books and framed photographs of a life lived happily, but alone.  There were many pictures of friends and happy outings, but no family photographs, no children or grandchildren.  Lil Bit could see the friends in the photographs were all gone from earth, and residing in Heaven with families of their own.   She saw in an angel’s eye the woman knew no other life but the one she was leaving and so kept her soul attached to the old woman in the bed. 
“This will be my grandmother.”  Thought Lil Bit.  “And she will be the best ever.  She has a whole life of fun things to show and tell me and I will be the first in Heaven to know these things.”
Lil Bit touched the old ladies heart and looked into her now smiling face.
“Hi Grandma.  I’m Lil Bit.  I think we are going to be best friends.  Do you know how to be a grandma?” 
“No.  But I always wanted to be.”  The lady was smiling.  So this was Heaven.  How delightful, her own grandchild, yes this was Heaven.
“What do we do first?”  She was happy and couldn’t wait to get started.
“Can you bake cookies?  We have a whole bunch of chocolate chips and nuts, I like them best.” 
The old lady frowned.
“I don’t like to cook.  Never did.  I guess you’ll have to find another grandma.”
“What, find another grandma?  Are you kidding me Grandma?  So you can’t cook, what can you do?”  Lil Bit couldn’t wait to tell Moon Beam her grandma couldn’t cook, this was getting more interesting by the second.
“I play the piano. But I haven’t played in years; I had to sell mine to pay the rent.”  The lady answered with a doubtful look.
“Oh boy.  Yes, come on, I know where there’s one in a beautiful hall just waiting to be played.”  Lil Bit took her grandma to the hall of music, chose a piano and the two of them carried it to a beautiful room with tall windows overlooking a garden of statues and paths bordered with flowering bushes.  Grandma played all afternoon and Lil Bit danced and danced.  Grandma taught her the “Charlston”, the “Jitter Bug” and how to Waltz’ and by dinner time, they were tired and hungry and even the statues were dancing.
“So this is Heaven.”  The old woman smiled with joy, holding Lil Bit in her arms.
“So this is a grandma.”  Lil Bit loved hers so much she wanted to squeal.
“You see, Lil Bit, you waited patiently and I gave you the one best suited for you.”  God spoke in her heart.

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