Thursday, May 16, 2013

"View From the Porch" Part 5 By Nita Wilson

The Day Continues…
 Amy had grown quite fond of Scott and Zelda and knew the persecution they had been going through these last few days.  She flew to the windows of the house, she flew to the front of the house, she flew to the creek and found Jake the Pine Snake, but Jake was so terrified, he was pretending to be a garden rake and was stretched out stiff; no bird of prey would ever suspect that he wasn’t just that, left out in the yard by some human.  Amy was about out of her mind, she had started this rescue mission and by darn she was going through with it.  Just as she was flying over Hannibal Horrible, she saw the gold sliver of fish coming up to taste a little water bug walking on water, “STOP” she screamed at the little fish, to the great annoyance of Hannibal Horrible who without malice or menace, dipped his great beak into the water as if taking a cool drink on a hot day, and immerged with Zelda’s last little sister, so fast it was that Amy thought she had imagined it.  Two great wings opened, and Hannibal rose into the air… the wind of his wings blew Amy backwards several inches.  The great Owl and Zelda’s little sister only a faint hint of gold tail trailing from the great beak looked with great angry eyes at Amy as he soared up and away.  Amy was filled with terror.  She perched her one leg on the side of the pond and looked down at the sadness beneath.  Scott and Zelda were close together, in mourning, in grief, in terror.  Amy promised them at that moment from the bottom of her heart that it was over, she begged them to trust her, she would not see them parted, she would make sure they were safe.  Zelda looked up with watery eyes, a sad hopeful look, maybe Amy could do it, she lived up in the big world of danger… maybe she could save them.  Scott just wanted to stay close to Zelda for as long as they both lived.   He would meet his family and friends in the catacombs that was the belly of the big bird one day, but for now he was home.  Amy would probably end there also she was just too silly to know it.
Bull had been feeling guilty all afternoon, safe in his nest in Bill, the big Chinquapin Oak, Precious had been in one of her moods and he was having a real hard time finding anything to love in her.  He looked down on Amy, standing on her one pitiful little leg talking to Scott and Zelda, probably saying good-bye, Bull thought.  He raised his tale in an ugly salute to Precious and ran down the tree to the pond.  Jake the Pine Snake had limbered up but was still trying to un-kink parts of his middle and relax   as he joined Amy and the fish at the pond.  Bull came up to the worried parties. 
“We have to do something here.” Amy was saying as Bull entered the group.
“Not I” said Jake, “I obviously value my own life more that you do yours you silly one legged bird, besides… if Scott and Zelda here are munchies to this great winged horror, I am his prime rib, and as such have no intention of putting this wonderful creature I call me, in his fine dining schedule”.
Bull looked down at Zelda and thought his heart would break, she was beginning to tarnish, the gold had gone dark with melancholia.  She had been one of his most favored confidants when Precious was too much to handle.  He could always come and enjoy the water ballet Zelda would give him to lighten his load and remind him of the world’s beauty.  Bull looked over at Amy…
“Okay, Amy, what can I do to help, I’m in.”
Bull didn’t miss the look of gratitude and hope crossing Zelda’s face and lifting her spirits.  That alone was worth risking his life, and after all what are friends for.
Jake the Pine Snake looked with disdain from one to the other… didn’t they know there was a natural order of things?  Didn’t they get it?  The big ate the little on down to Scott and Zelda eating the tiny water bugs on the surface of the pond, who spoke for those little beings?  The whole scene was beginning to bore him terribly and he heard the big machines down the road. If he cut through two yards he could scare them just enough to cause a commotion for a few minutes and get back to see the outcome of the drama in his own back yard.
Hannibal Horrible was still angry with that little one legged twit of a bird.  How dare she interfere with his food, how dare she take it upon herself to even question any decision made by his royal self.  He would go back for the two remaining fish and maybe finish off the bird at the same time.  The more he thought about it, the angrier he became.  Why wait, today was a fine day for killing unwanted meddlers, besides he was still hungry and he felt like more “catch of the day”.

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