Friday, May 17, 2013

"View From the Backporch" part 7 of Episode One

Part 7
Amy looked down at Lil Bit, “Oh crap, she’ll get in the way.” Amy whistles to herself.
  Hannibal Horrible couldn’t see Amy, but the fish were swimming around lost and confused by the noise of the big machine and the horror of their recent loss. 
Hannibal decided he would come back later for the one-legged bird, there was too much going on here, he would just grab a little morsel to complete his fish dinner. 
The whole thing lasted less than thirty seconds but in the numerous tellings it takes on monstrous proportions.
Lil Bit, in a fit of real bravery jumps and half flies in the way of the big bird as he lowers over the porch toward the pond which causes him to have a momentary sway just long enough for Bull to jump for his back.  But… Bull lands to the side and rolls off.  Amy knows she has to move fast, and flies after the big Owl, grabbing tail feathers and tiny bits of down.  Bull, runs up to a top branch of the Crepe Myrtle and again jumps toward the back of the big killer, who is now circling the pond.  But Bull over estimates his distance once again and lands on Jake startling the snake into slithering onto the porch causing the human to spill her birdbath which makes her mad as hell. She stops to eat the little green marble in her now empty birdbath, grabs the hoe and runs after Jake into the yard.  The human working at the pond’s pump sees Jake the Pine Snake running towards him and throws the hatchet attached to his belt, missing Jake, but hitting Hannibal Horrible in his arrogant head and sending him crashing onto the roof of the porch.  Amy reaches the big Owl first and thinking him dead, gives the all clear.  Gingerly they all appear, looking up at the felled prey.  Bull and Lil Bit reach Amy just as the big bird starts to move.  There are gasps as the three brave creatures back up as one.  But Hannibal Horrible is all in.  He shakes to clear his head,
“Has the world gone crazy, what the hell just happened?” He asks groggily.  Suddenly the shadow of another big owl swoops down and grabs feathers out of Hannibal’s head.
“Get up you, idiot.  Don’t you see that big yellow cat approaching your sorry self?” Mrs. Hannibal Horrible takes wing and soars overhead screeching and screaming at her husband.   
“He’ll not be sleeping in the nest tonight, the Mrs. is mad.”  Says Bull.
Amy, Bull and Lil Bit go down to the pond.  Jake the Pine Snake is hiding from the ‘ho’ with the hoe and won’t be out for a few days.  Scott and Zelda are recuperating under the wing of the cement angel covered in algae.  Bull looks over at Lil Bit. “Wow, she’s something else.” He’s really under estimated her.  He wonders how far he could go with Lil Bit before Precious killed them both.  “Ah, a guy sure can mess up his life by falling for the wrong squirrel.”  Bull told Amy.  Well, there’d be other days and other ways to see to this love dilemma.  Lil Bit was glad she could help Bull… he is after all the love of her life.  Precious was waiting in the tree, she was glad Bull was all right; after all he is the love of her life.  She’d treat him well for a few days, and remind him how much he loved her, that’d take his mind off miss goody ‘Lil Butt’.
Amy Birdheart became a hero that day, not that she did it alone, but because she knew it had to be done and would’ve done it alone.
So life goes on in the back yard.  A little safer for the moment, but friends have been established and boundaries made and kept.  Love is allowed to grow between beings who’ve found a way to live together in friendships.  Hannibal Horrible stops by and perches on the little gazebo overlooking the pond on occasions when his Mrs. is in a rage.  Not to eat, just to enjoy the calm.  He knows not to temp this back yard.  The big yellow cat is always close at hand.     What will happen next?

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