Wednesday, May 15, 2013

"View From the Porch" Part 3 By Nita Wilson

Bomber, The Nazi Fighting Hummingbird

Bomber adjusted her little flight jacket and secured the small peacock colored scarf around her neck.  She’d seen the human fill the Hummingbird feeder only this morning and by now the sun made the sweet nectar a perfect temperature for tiny stomachs.
“Die you Nazi cowards!” She screamed as she dove from above the big Crepe Myrtle down to the eave of the back porch and the red glass feeder shaped like a very fat tulip dripping sweet nectar.
“Good”, she fluttered. “I have out-smarted the Nazi ants yet once more.”  She began to drink the red syrup from the feeder keeping a watchful eye on the surrounding country side for the evil bee which could mean her death.  Her world in the backyards of the neighborhood is full of flight and fantasy, but also danger.  Her only weapon is her speed and the fierce look she can bestow on her adversary, looking mean and squinty eyed down her long beak, but that’s marginal.  She must not let her imagination run away while she’s eating.  Yep, it had happened once before as she drank from the glass feeder imagining terrible battles about to begin.  On one occasion she was pretending to drink from a large Amaryllis in a small cottage garden in a little French village just minutes ahead of the German army.  There were only a few moments to get the sustenance that could keep her strong for her mission… when out of the blue and to her surprise, the tip of a huge wing knocked her out of her reverie and onto the porch into a large fern which softly broke her fall.  It was the great scary owl, Hannibal whose snack she was to become but she was saved by the human sitting on the porch swing, with her broom, daring him to enter the porch.  Since then, Bomber’s been cautious with all her feeding places.  Her best friend in the yard is Amy Birdheart.  There’s a strong connection between the two.  She and Amy are both very brave.  There was talk for weeks that Bomber had gone under the porch and pooped on Justin Bubbles’ big shell.  Rumor has it that she accomplished this wild act of defiance in return for his saying very negative things about Amy’s landing methods. 
If you knew Justin Bubbles, you’d know that NO ONE, BUT NO ONE touches his shell.  One finger print on that brightly polished house he calls home and you’ll face dyer consequences.  Well, Bomber left a lot more than a finger print.
Anyway, Bomber is a wonderful friend to many in the back yard and they love her spark and joy.  They come from all over the neighborhoods on warm summer nights and gather round the big bird bath to listen to her colorful stories and tall tales.  Even Jake the Pine Snake coils around Bill’s roots and secretly listens to yarns about places he can never visit and creatures he’ll never see.

                                    Honey and Moon, A Married Couple

There are many animals and birds that make their living and live in the back yard.  To know them all, one would have to sit and watch, quietly, softly with no malice of heart or soul and with no thought of harm to these lovely beings.  Two of the most dear are a couple of morning doves named Honey and Moon.  They are a funny couple and act more like old married folk than honeymooners.   You can hear their soft “whooing” from backyard to backyard through the neighborhood when they’re on their way to feed from the seeds dropped on the ground by the big feeder.  Honey lands first and begins his foraging with Moon directly behind him finding seed he’s missed.  Moon feeding on his leftovers makes Honey angry and she knows it but does it anyway.  She’s always bragged of being the best forager and likes to prove it daily.  Once he let her go first thinking she’d leave some, but she harvested that seed from the ground as close as a big combine gathering a load of wheat.  So, the others in the yard give them room for their games and try not to come between them.  Moon has often been heard to say…
“That bird’ll be the death of me with his stubborn ways and self importance.  How can he walk right over all this seed and not see it?  I declare he is blind as a bat.”
At which Honey answers…
“There’s a bat around alright and her name should be ‘crazy as’ and she’s going to be the death of me with her competitive spirit and refusal to give me the respect I deserve.”
You can hear them muttering around the yard all day.  Eating and muttering, eating and muttering.  Amy asked Zelda the goldfish one day…
“How do those two find time to eat their seed with all the jabbering going on?”
Zelda came to the service of the pond, her answer sounding from a fluorescent bubble…
“They have the disgusting habit of talking with their mouths full.  Try not to watch, it could make you lose your lunch.”
Amy agreed and flew away with a last smile at Zelda’s tail as it splashed back down into the water.
Honey and Moon are a part of the whole that makes up this world and as such, are loved and respected and considered part of a family. 

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