Sunday, May 19, 2013

"View From the Back Porch" Ep Two Part 2

Between Big O and Justin things were getting mighty interesting in the back yard, yes sir, mighty interesting.  Big O wanted to eat Bomber and be done with her sassy self, but Justin Bubbles wasn’t a cruel turtle.  Listening to Big O expound his mischievous ideas about Bomber’s demise, Bubbles realized he only wanted an apology.  No need for death and bloody feathers. 
“You backin out, Bubbles?  You turnin yella on me?”  Big O taunted the big turtle.
“No one’s turning yellow Big O.  I am just saying, I have no wish to have the little bird harmed.”
“Sounds like a cop out to me, Bubbles.”
“Indeed not sir, but if I chose to kill every creature who’d ever shat on my shell, I would be a hideous turtle and no one would care for my company… at all.”
“Hey, is that a wise crack aimed at me?  Say, what do you take me for, a chump?”
“Take it as you wish, you great bully.  If you think you can harm me, I rather wish you’d try.  You’ll find my house much stronger and tougher than those old yellow fangs of yours.  I can assure you, kitty cat, once they are broken on my mighty shell, you’ll be gumming even the canned food you claim to hate but eat by the case.”
“You just better be glad I’m not in the mood to take on your dare.  And… you’d better watch your back.”  Big O sat on the grass and extended his long razor sharp claws toward Justin Bubbles.  “One of these could make an ugly scar on that prissy shell of yours… or under it.”
Justine began to walk off into the grass, turning his shell into the wind as he was fond of saying, and went under the statue of Mother Mary standing in the abandoned patio garden.  He was breathing hard as he got settled in his favorite hiding place; Big O had really frightened him this time.  If was only a matter of time before the mean cat would go too far and run one of those long talons under Justin’s shell.  That would hurt like a big dog and Justin’s least favorite thing in the whole world was pain… of any kind.
Amy had been watching the full exchange between Big O and Justin Bubbles.  If there was one thing Amy despised, it was bullying of any kind.  That darn cat needed to be taught a lesson.  But first she needed Bomber to make amends with Justin and apologize for her ‘accident’ on his shell.  She spied Bomber at the rose bushes darting in and out and flew over to her. 
“Hold on there Amy, I’ll help you.”  Bomber eased Amy down onto the rim of the ancient bird bath.
“Bomber, I need you to do me a favor.”  She dipped into the nice cool water and began an unexpected, but much enjoyed bath.
“Anything, Boss.  Amy you know I’d do anything for you.”  Bomber was still darting in and out of the beautiful roses offering up their delicious nectar to the little fluttering bird.
“I need you to give Justin Bubbles your best heartfelt apology.  And I want you to mean it.  His shell is his prized possession and there was no reason for you to desecrate it as you did.  Come on, Bomber, you’re a better bird than that.”  Robin stood in the nice cool water waiting for an answer.
“I don’t want to.  He pissed me off.”  Bomber said without much emotion.
“Oh, I see.  I guess that’s alright then.  You know sort of how the Nazi ants piss you off and you have to get even?”  Amy was hoping this was the right button to puch.
“Hey, come on Ame… that’s not fair.  There is no comparison between those devil ants and Justin Bubbles.  Those ants are a real threat to my life.”
“So, then let me see if I understand this… you treat a creature who irritates you just the same as you treat creatures who threaten your very life?”   Amy rubbed her chin with her wing as if deep in thought.
“No, of course not… I mean… he really made me mad, Amy… how upset is he?”  Bomber fluttered and landed on the rim of the birdbath next to Amy.
“I think he’s more hurt than angry, Bomber.  You know he respects you and thinks a lot of you.  You have to admit it was a nasty thing to do.”  Amy splashed water on Bomber to make her laugh, but Bomber was in a quandary, hurting another creature was never her intention.
“Where is he, Amy?  You are probably right… even turtles need apologies sometimes.”

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