Friday, August 24, 2012

Ode to the Sense of Scent

 My friend Sandy, in Washington State was at one time making wonderful soaps to sell.  She asked that I write something to go with each scent in the little linen bag with the soap.  These are the result of that request.  I am not a poet.  As evidenced by the following.




                                                Ode to the Sense of Scents



#1)      Odors are like broken crayons in an old cigar box under the bed.  You only need them long enough to color the picture of the memory they invoke.


#2)      I see my grandmother as a little girl; catching fireflies, looking for Robin’s eggs and smelling the Honeysuckle on the fence.  I wonder, if she ever wonders, if I will exist.                


#3)      Lying on a hammock between two shade trees; doves cooing in the quiet afternoon; the scent of Eucalyptus and Pine fill the air and the long summer days pass sweetly in the great northwest.


#4)      Sitting on a winter beach, wrapped and warm in your favorite sweater; waves and gulls fill the afternoon, waiting for the sunset.  The smell of the Ocean and seaweed mixed with the cup of green tea warming your hands make life so lovely you decide never to die. 


#5)      I’m held close to my mom’s bosom, strong loving arms holding me tight.  I can smell her apron and the biscuits just made, mixed with the odor of Lavender soap. The glistening perspiration on her neck sparkles like the skin of a princess and I could stay in her arms forever. 


#6)      The smell of Sandalwood escapes and runs to hide in your nose as you open the little box that holds your special things. Wonderful memories of days and years of happiness lived. 


#7)      Fresh linens and clean cotton hang on a line under the big oak in the backyard.  They play back and forth with the wind.  The smell of rain brings you outdoors to save your morning’s work.  You gather all and rush into the house smelling of clean linen, soap and sunshine, before the rain.


#8)      The woman stood at the perfume counter... “Oh!” she said, “That ‘s not for me, that smells like my grandmother.”

No one wants to smell like granny, but no one ever remembers what the uncle, aunt or cousins smelled like.  But everyone remembers the wonderful light, floral powder odor of their grandmother.   Maybe it was from all the hugs.


#9)      An old man sits on a park bench watching a little boy eat an apple.  The smell of the apple reminds him of two young hands and a bright shiny new wedding band proudly handing him a piece of her first apple pie; in their first little apartment, in their first month of married life.  They don’t grow apples that taste that good anymore, he thought.         


#10)    Orchids, like Peacocks make you believe in beauty, but the smell of the Rose makes you believe in God. 


#11)    Taking a trip to Miami in 1962, down the Old Spanish Trail; windows open; hair blowing and no cares in the world; the scent of Oranges cover the whole state and release the soul to enjoy the tropics.             


#12)    Jasmine: exotic, romantic, erotic, and heady, like making love on a summer afternoon in New Orleans while the rain falls softly on the banana leaves in the courtyard.       



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